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In the Spring of 2019, Grieves let loose a flurry of new music, surprising and delighting fans with fresh new singles each week. Grieves was able to express both his growth and his hunger since releasing Running Wild, as this new work’s content and production ranged from light-hearted and jazzy to intense and introspective. Here, he’s compiled those songs, adding 3 more previously unreleased tracks, to create a sensational new project, The Collections of Mr. Nice Guy.



Let the Devil In



It's official PAW PRINT 2020 is happening my friends!
Throughout my career I’ve wanted to give back to a cause that matters to me. I’m not an openly political person and I don’t like to make people choose sides when I’m here for the music. That being said, it’s no secret I’m an animal lover. Four years ago I adopted a dog named Luna from South Korea. She was in dire need of a home and someone to commit to loving her for the long haul. It is hands down the best decision I’ve ever made. That lil dog changed my head and my heart; which has led me to this…
This Paw Print will be our second official fundraiser in association with The Crocodile and Homeward Pet Adoption Center to help other animals like Luna, aka The Buttwolf.  I'm asking you as fans and friends to join me on Saturday, February 29th, 2020 for a night of music and partying to make a difference! 
This years line up will be featuring my friends: Mouse Powell , CampanaJAGA, and Diveyede.
I understand that a lot of you don’t live in Seattle but may still want to help, so for those of you who wish to contribute you can make a donation HERE!
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